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People say that penguins are just another bird, but that’s not all of what they are. I mean they are birds, but they are one of the few flightless birds that live in the arctic regions. Do you know how many different species of penguins are there? Well, there are seventeen different species of penguins. There not just in Antartica, these are the species that live all throughout the world.

Now let’s talk about baby penguins, which in my opinion, they are adorable. Baby penguins when they are born their feathers are more like fur. Eventually, their feathers will look like feathers. For example, the second picture shows what they look like when they are babies and the first picture shows what they look like when they are adults. Baby penguins start getting their adult feather when they are about tree months old. There are so much more you can learn about penguins, so I will be making another blog about penguins.

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