The Arctic Wolf

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People say that an arctic wolf is just a white wolf. They are white wolves, also they live in arctic regions. Arctic wolves can get up to 70 to 155 pounds. They also get to about 3.2 to 5.9 feet long. There are about 200,000 arctic wolves left on Earth. Arctic wolves are part of the Canidae family. Also, they are a subspecies of the Grey Wolf. Arctic Wolves live in Canadian Arctic and the northern parts of Greenland.

Arctic Wolves hunt in packs or a group of wolves. Most of the time Arctic Wolves hunt Caribou and muskoxen. Also, they hunt Arctic Hares, seals, ptarmigan, lemmings, and they also eat other smaller animals. When it come to Arctic wolves breeding normally only the alpha male and female Arctic Wolves breed. When it is a larger pack then some of the other wolves would breed. When a female gives birth they have two or three pups. There is a lot more information about Arctic Wolves, also I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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People say that penguins are just another bird, but that’s not all of what they are. I mean they are birds, but they are one of the few flightless birds that live in the arctic regions. Do you know how many different species of penguins are there? Well, there are seventeen different species of penguins. There not just in Antartica, these are the species that live all throughout the world.

Now let’s talk about baby penguins, which in my opinion, they are adorable. Baby penguins when they are born their feathers are more like fur. Eventually, their feathers will look like feathers. For example, the second picture shows what they look like when they are babies and the first picture shows what they look like when they are adults. Baby penguins start getting their adult feather when they are about tree months old. There are so much more you can learn about penguins, so I will be making another blog about penguins.

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Penguins 2.0

So in my last blog, I talked about what penguins are, where they live, and some things about baby penguins. So now I’m going to tell you what they eat. Penguins are carnivores, which means they eat only meat. They eat krill, which are tiny crustaceans, they also eat quid and fish. Now just think there are seventeen different kinds of penguins in the Southern regions, that a lot of krill, squid, and fish.

Now I know that I already talk about baby penguins, but I’m going to talk about mating. Now a group of penguins is called a colony and during breeding season the penguins from a huge colony called rookeries. When penguins are around three to eight years old they start to mate with other penguins. Most penguin species start breeding in the spring and ing the summer. Males will start mating rituals and will pick a spot to nest at before he would approach a female.

After the penguin breed for emperor penguins, females will only lay one egg bit for some other species they will lay more. The male and female will both take turns holding the egg or eggs between their legs the give the egg warmth in the nest because most of the time the nest is a hole in the snow. For emperor penguins, the female would have the male watch the egg while she would go hunt for several weeks. After the amount of time, the baby stays in its egg when its time for the baby penguin is ready to hatch it would use its beak. Then the baby stay on their parents’ feet until they are old enough the walk on their own. Well, I hope you enjoyed my two blogs about penguins, also I hope you enjoyed all of my other blogs as well.


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Arctic Foxes

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Some say that arctic foxes are weird because their fur is white. In my opinion, arctic foxes are beautiful. Arctic foxes are also called the white fox. They live in the Arctic regions in the Northern Hemisphere. They are well adapted to cold weather.

There are several thousands of arctic foxes left on earth. The white fur that arctic foxes have help blend in with the snow. Mating season for arctic foxes usually lasts from early September to early March. An arctic fox’s little is about 5 to 9 pups. There can be much larger litters but they are uncommon. After the pups are born both mother and father raise the pups. Meaning that one parent does go off or leave like for example a dolphin. The mother stays with the baby while the father leaves.

Polar Bears

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A lot of people say that polar bears are scary and that if they see you they will attack at that minute. That’s nit completely true, polar bears can be scary, but if they see you they won’t attack at that minute, many people don’t know this but polar bears are as scared of us as we are of them. They only attack when they feel threatened, for example, if it a mother and she has her cubs with her she will give you a warning to back off. Now if you don’t back off that’s when she will attack you. Polar bears are really fascinating animals if you don’t bug them like a lot of people like to bug other wild animals. How many polar bears are left in the world?

Polar bears when they are born they are about 1.3 pounds at birth but grow quickly. Now when they are adults polar bears the males can get up to about 775 to 1,200 pounds. Female polar bears can get up to about 330 to 650 pounds. The females are about half the size of males. We really need to help save polar bears. We need to do this because there are only 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears left in the world.

Arctic Sea Lions

Image result for arctic sea lionsSome say that sea lions are fish, but really they are marine mammals. Now if you don’t know what marine mammals are, they are basically mammals that live in the ocean or spend most of their time in the ocean. To learn more go to one of my older blogs to learn more. Now back to the arctic sea lions live on land but spend a lot of their time in the water. When they go in the water it is mainly so they can find their food to feed their family’s.

When arctic sea lions are born they can come out white. They can also come out brown or gray. Female sea lions carry their young for about 9 to 10 months. Just about the same amount of time that humans carry their babies before they give birth. Also, sea lion babies are called pups.


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An orca is a marine animal and an arctic animal. There are orcas that don’t live in the arctic. An orca is also known as the killer whale. Some people think that since they are called a killer whale that they eat humans, but really only eat fish and other marine animals. Orcas use echolocation to get around and to find their food.

Orcas start breeding when they are around 14 to 15 years old. Now orcas only have babies between every 3 to ten years. Baby orcas are about 8.5 feet long and weigh about 265 to 363 pounds when they are born. Now an adult male orca can get up to about 8,000 pounds. A female orca can get up to about 3,000 pounds. Image result for adult arctic orcas


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Some say that narwhals are part whale and part unicorn. Now we all know that unicorns aren’t real, they are mythical creatures. Narwhals are fantastic creatures they use their tusk to break the ice. They use their tusk to find thin parts of the ice so they can get through the arctic water. A narwhal’s tusk can get up to 8.8 feet long. Now that longer than one of my uncles and he’s 7.5 feet tall!

Female narwhals have shorter tusks than males. Narwhals travel with their family or pods. Do you know what narwhals eat? Narwhals eat shrimp, squid, and other fish. Narwhals don’t start having babies until they are five to eight years old. Narwhals don’t have a dorsal fin which makes it easier for them to swim under the ice. Image result for narwhals

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Arctic Animals

         Arctic animals are very strong animals. I say this because they go through very cold climates. There are very few species of arctic animals. There isn’t a lot of them because of the cold climates. In the Winter the temperatures are so low that you can freeze. Now I know what you are thinking how can any animal survive in that kind of weather. Well, they can, some arctic animals have thick fur, some don’t have fur they just have a lot of fat on them, also some have both thick fur and a large amount of fat.

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        Arctic animals have a very hard time trying to find food. They mainly have a hard time when surviving with the hunting and other animals hunting them. Now arctic animals don’t only have problems they also have a lot of good things, like penguins, for example, they have the right temperature to survive and they have a lot of water to swim in and to catch their food also. Polar bears have a lot of snow to play in and also believe it or not polar bears really like rolling in the snow it’s their way of playing. Kind of like when we were kids and we would play in the snow.


There is a lot to learn about Arctic animals so keep reading my blogs and there will be more blogs about them here soon. Also, here in a few weeks, I will be posting blogs about desert animals. I hope that you guys keep reading my blogs. Also, I hope that you are learning a lot from them too. So keep reading and learn, look at my other blogs and there will be new blogs coming up here soon.

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Do you know how many different kinds of toucans there are in the world? Well, I do there are over 40 different kinds of toucans all around the world. Well, I shouldn’t say all around the world really toucans only live in tropical places. So if you go looking for a toucan in Antarctica you won’t find one. Now if you go looking for a toucan in the Amazon Forest you might find one or if you’re lucky you might just find a flock.

Have you ever seen a toucan’s beak? Their beaks are so beautiful with all of its colors. Also, do you know how big a Toco Toucan’s beak big can get? Their beaks can get up to seven and a half inches long. Now that’s a big beak! Did you know that the Toco Toucan is the biggest Toucan in the world? Well, they every though they’re not that big. In my opinion, toucan are the most wonderful birds in the world.